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Working in harsh industrial environments with toxic oils, fuels and a variety of other heavy-duty chemicals requires tough, work-ready cleaning solutions that help keep your people and your environment safe.

At Environmental Solution, Inc.,
we know what you're up against.

That's why we're committed to helping companies in the marine, industrial, food manufacturing, transportation and aircraft industries enhance their environmentally-conscious green strategies with our superior bioremediation cleaning supplies that have a wide array of cost-effective and time-saving applications.

We know you're committed to an environmentally-safe workplace. And we know you're on the clock. That's why our goal is to help keep your operations running clean in the most economical and timely manner possible.

Watercolor leafIt's no secret that your industry's environmental regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent, so why wait to ensure your workplace is utilizing the most advanced bioremediation products available to stay green over the long term?

Call us today at 919-740-0546 or email us at and we'll promptly answer all of your questions without the typical sales hype. We are passionate about educating companies like yours on what bioremediation is and how bioremediation products can help you run an efficient 21st Century industrial workplace.

The good news is, if you do decide to buy, your return on investment is guaranteed because we care as much about your people and the environment as you do. And our products prove it.

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 With an estimated 70 oil spills every day in the U.S. and tons of plastic garbage littering our oceans, humans could really use some help cleaning up. Scientific America...

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All of our bioremediation products are neutral PH (our key product differentiator), aqueous, safe-to-use, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and:

      • Come in active, ready-to-go preparations: unlike other remediation products, our products require no special solutions, no special mixing and no waiting period before application.
      • Require little training: the simple addition of water (salt or fresh) activates our products.
      • Safeguard employee health: the process poses no health or safety risks to your employees, thereby reducing insurance costs.
      • Can be performed in situ: use our products in place on the ground or on the water, eliminating the need for expensive haul-away operations.
      • Have versatile applications: products can remediate areas that are not accessible or inaccessible to other techologies
      • Are meant for everyday use: our products aren't just for the big emergencies
      • Have virtually no capital expense: the process is generally 60-70% less costly than other bioremediation technologies.

Our Manufacturer

Our popular, extensive line of over 30 EPA-approved products is manufactured by Envirologic Biobased Technologies, Inc., a global leading innovator in the field of environmental biotechnology for over 20 years. In fact, well-recognized organizations such as Maersk Line, the USDA Forest Service and Delta Airlines have all seen excellent results in both our superior products and our at-the-ready customer service.

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