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Our clients in the marine, industrial, food manufacturing, transportation and aircraft industries around the world trust us to provide proven cost- and time-saving, environmentally-safe cleaning, de-greasing and spill products for everyday and emergency applications. The best part is, our products come in a work-ready state, can be used in situ, and there is little training required.

Environmental Solution, Inc., is a veteran-owned, US-based business with a global reach. In addition to distribution, we are a manufacturer's representative for our product line. Our primary goal is to build a network of successful distributors, both nationally and internationally. Owner John Paparone is known for his outstanding commitment to providing top-quality products and service to the company's ever-growing worldwide clientele.

number one question

What is your number one question or challenge about the use of bioremediation products?

For example:

1. Do you understand what they are and what they do?

2. Do you understand what to watch out for when looking at formulas and results?

3. Have you had bad experiences using any bioredmediation products?

4. Do you think bioremediation products are only used for emergencies?

5. Other.

Please let us know what you need to know so we can help you make informed decisions. 

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Does Your Oil Spill Response Plan Include Bioremediation?

Whether you're a maritime industry executive, an emergency response professional or offshore vessel operator, you need to have all the latest cost-effective and time-saving tools in your arsenal when it comes to maximizing your oil spill response capabilities and results.

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Are Toxic Solvents Sickening Your Susceptible Workforce?

It's a well-known fact that millions of workers in several industries are negatively affected by the use of toxic solvents. Trouble is, they're still being used in today's modern workplace, and even with strict safety measures in place, these volatile chemicals continue to pose a dangerous health threat to workers and therefore, can significantly impact a company's bottom line.

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