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Our clients in the marine, industrial, food manufacturing, transportation and aircraft industries around the world trust us to provide proven cost- and time-saving, environmentally-safe cleaning, de-greasing and spill products for everyday and emergency applications. The best part is, our products come in a work-ready state, can be used in situ, and there is little training required.

Environmental Solution, Inc., is a veteran-owned, US-based business with a global reach. In addition to distribution, we are a manufacturer's representative for our product line. Our primary goal is to build a network of successful distributors, both nationally and internationally. Owner John Paparone is known for his outstanding commitment to providing top-quality products and service to the company's ever-growing worldwide clientele.

EPA Bioremediation Guide

The Citizen's Guide Series: EPA uses many methods to clean up pollution at Superfund and other sites. Some, like bioremediation, are considered new or innovative. Such methods can be quicker and cheaper than more common methods. If you live, work, or go to school near a Superfund site, you may want to learn more about cleanup methods. Perhaps they are being used or are proposed for use at your site. How do they work? Are they safe? This Citizen’s Guide is one in a series to help answer your questions.”

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Navy Environmental Quality Facts

Do you use chemical cleaners or solvents for cleaning operations? Would you like to improve this process? Read this fact sheet on environmental compliance, worker's safety and health, increasing productivity, and saving money.

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Case Study: Forecourt Cleaning

"Overview — With help from FleetKleen, TBS Bio-Services won the contract for the cleaning and degreasing of all BP Connect petrol forecourts (in excess of 400) throughout England. As part of the contract, FleetKleen Bioremedial Cleaner/Degreaser is used at all sites as it not only offers unparalleled cleaning, but is 100% safe to use and helps bioremediate and reduce waste in underground interceptor ">sewers, helping reduce hazardous waste charges.

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