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Bioremediation: Nature's Way to a Cleaner Environment

Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have shown that microorganisms naturally present in soil were actively consuming fuel-derived toxic compounds and transforming them into harmless carbon dioxide. Furthermore, these studies have shown that the rate of these biotransformations could be greatly increased by the addition of nutrients. By "stimulating" the natural microbial community through nutrient addition, it was theoretically possible to increase rates of biodegradation and thereby shield the residential area from further contamination.

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Paint Spray Gun Cleaning - There's a better way!

 Paint thinner and solvents are commonly used to clean paint guns because of their ability to dissolve paint residue, especially in the small openings of paint guns.

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Bio-Remediation is the Solution for Oil Spills

Over 21 years ago, we experienced a catastrophic environmental disaster which effects are still evident today! LET’S NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

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