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Our clients in the marine, industrial, food manufacturing, transportation and aircraft industries around the world trust us to provide proven cost- and time-saving, environmentally-safe cleaning, de-greasing and spill products for everyday and emergency applications. The best part is, our products come in a work-ready state, can be used in situ, and there is little training required.

Environmental Solution, Inc., is a veteran-owned, US-based business with a global reach. In addition to distribution, we are a manufacturer's representative for our product line. Our primary goal is to build a network of successful distributors, both nationally and internationally. Owner John Paparone is known for his outstanding commitment to providing top-quality products and service to the company's ever-growing worldwide clientele.

Are wastewater operations what they should be?

In the December 2015 issue of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, John takes a hard look at the loopholes in current regulations and the faulty ways many are treating harmful contaminants, in some cases, without knowing it. For instance, did you know that oil content monitors, though purpose-built for an essential part of waste operations aren't doing an effective job of monitoring contaminant separation?

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Marshland-Wetland Oil Spill in Gulf

View this video that . . . .

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Food Processing: How Bioremediation Products Help Fight Harmful Contaminants

From restaurant and cafeteria owners to ship and yacht owners, any company that uses industrial food processing in their operations needs tough, work-ready solutions to help keep food, people and the environment clean and safe.

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